Prof Janet Treasure

Professor Janet Treasure is a psychiatrist specialising in the treatment of eating disorders and has worked at the South London and Maudsley and Kings College for 36 years. She is a strong champion of involving carers and patients in research and service development, and the author of several books supporting people with eating disorders and their families, including Skills-based Caring for a Loved One with an Eating Disorder.

Caroline Salter

Caroline is a clinical psychologist at Vincent Square Eating Disorders Service in London. She uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Cognitive Analytic Therapy in her practice. She has worked in mental health policy at NICE and has active clinical and research interests in experiential treatment methods, including chairwork and imagery re-scripting.

Andrew Radford

Andrew Radford became Chief Executive of Beat in July 2015. He was previously CEO of the charity Voice, advocating for the rights of children in care. Before that he worked in a variety of roles over 16 years for UNICEF UK, starting with 10 years leading an accreditation-based programme to improve NHS care for new mothers, followed by stints as Communications and Fundraising Director, before a final period as Strategy Director.

Andrea Brown

Andrea Brown is a Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist at the Retreat, York. She runs an inpatient eating disorders service, working predominantly with patients with complex eating disorders using the innovative Naomi Pathways to Recovery, a multidimensional recovery-based programme. Andrea is an elected member of the Faculty of Eating Disorders at the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Caroline Price

Caroline is Beat’s Director of Services. She is responsible for delivery of support through our multi-channel helpline and online services, development of training programmes to help school, university and healthcare professionals spot the early signs of an eating disorder, and contracted work with the NHS. Since joining Beat in 2016, she has established a new telephone peer support service and carer skills workshops.

Nicola Brewin

Nicola is an embedded service evaluation and research associate working in both Adult and CAMHS eating disorder teams. She has worked with the adult service for 12 years and has collaborated on research into interpersonal psychotherapy, psychoeducation and motivation, as well as barriers to help seeking in the South Asian community.

Jackie Wales

Jackie is an embedded service evaluation and research associate working in the Adult and CAMHS eating disorder teams. She has worked with the adult service for over 15 years and collaborated on research into treatment of compulsive exercise through CBT-E, predictors of inpatient weight gain and barriers to help seeking in the South Asian population.  

Abigail Cardwell

Abigail is the Lead Occupational Therapist for South West London & St. Georges Mental Health NHS Trust, with over 20 years’ experience working in mental health. For the last 10 years, she has been working with adults with eating disorders. She currently works within inpatient, day patient and outpatient settings and regularly facilitates a ‘Family and Friends Skills Workshop’.  

Veronica Kamerling

Veronica has a son and two daughters. Both her daughters had eating disorders and are now in good recovery. Veronica also looked after her brother who had schizophrenia. She runs her own organisation, which was set up to ensure that families were recognised and supported by treatment services.

Kate Williams

Kate has worked as a dietitian in the NHS for over forty years, in general hospitals, primary care and mental health, and for the past thirty years she has worked in specialist services for eating disorders. At present, she works part-time in an inpatient service for adults.

Calum Munro

Calum is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. He led an intensive community treatment team for people with severe anorexia nervosa for 10 years. He is the founder of a social enterprise business offering treatment and support to individuals with mental health problems and their carers, which specialises in eating and body image difficulties.

Sara Preston

Sara is Senior National Officer for Beat in Scotland, coordinating education, advocacy and Ambassador work. She completed an international Winston Churchill Research Fellowship, investigating best practice evidence-based approaches for treatment, education programmes and stigma reduction initiatives. Sara has lived experience of overcoming anorexia nervosa and endeavours to improve awareness and support not by speaking for individuals, but by amplifying their voices.