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Gemma Fieldsend

How to engage schools and universities as a carer to ensure that those who are suffering with an eating disorder have a joined up approach to their care.

During this session Gemma will explore the importance of early intervention in school settings. What the evidence says and how to adopt a whole school approach to eating disorders with education professionals, parent and carer involvement and with the child/YP being front and centre.

About Gemma

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Gemma has worked in the field of eating disorders for the last 25 years.

Gemma worked in specialist eating disorder services for 16 years then moved into the field of education and training. Gemma is a Senior Associate Trainer for Beat and has worked on a freelance capacity for 6 years.

Gemma works for several national organisations providing consultancy and training in the field of eating disorders. Gemma is a passionate trainer who believes in raising awareness of eating disorders and drawing on the experience of suffers to inform understanding and best practice.