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Jess Griffiths

What do carers need to know to ensure their loved ones have comprehensive medical care for a severe eating disorder?

Physical health monitoring forms an integral aspect of eating disorder treatment and early detection. Prof Paul Robinson will share updates from the new MaRSiPAN (Management of Really Sick Patients with Anorexia Nervosa) guidance and will highlight information for carers emphasizing how to avoid serious consequences in eating disorder treatment. Jess Griffiths will discuss training being developed by BEAT (commissioned by HEE) for primary care and will discuss carers perspectives on primary health. Dr Ceri Laird will share her story as a GP with lived experience (as a carer). She will outline some of the challenges she experienced in primary care whilst supporting her daughter through recovery.

About Jess

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Jess Griffiths is the Clinical Lead for beat and trained as an eating disorders therapist and practitioner after recovering from her own eating disorder.

Jess co-chairs the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman’s delivery group that was formed after the publication of ‘ignoring the alarms’ and works alongside Dorset Healthcare University Foundation Trust and NHS England as a specialist in eating disorder support and treatment.