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Pre-Recorded Workshops

Workshop Speakers

Carers Services at Beat

The Beat Services Team

ARFID- What is it and what can we do?

Kerri Fleming

How can carers engage with primary care to ensure effective medical monitoring?

Jess Griffiths and Paul Robinson & Ceri Laird

Understanding Eating Disorders – a taster from Beat’s Raising Resilience course including a conversation with an experienced carer.

Jess Griffiths, Sophie Brassill, Keith Grimwade

Social media – A help of hindrance to recovery?

Cara Lisette

Naso-gastric tube feeding in the treatment of eating disorders.

Sarah Fuller

Is Family Based Treatment for anorexia nervosa starved of nutritional intervention?

Ruth Devenish

Integrated CBTE improves outcomes for anorexia nervosa.

Lorna Collins & Dr Agnes Ayton

Stories from siblings – how should we involve siblings in eating disorder treatment.

Kym Piekunka & Bridget Whitlow

Navigating treatment teams and services – practice tips for engaging in the process and ensuring the best outcome for you and your family.

Alan Lofthouse

Non-clinical best practice: what support do families and carers need?

Hajrah Khan​

Specialist Inpatient Care- A Carers Perspective.

Kerri Fleming & Shelia Boniface

Implementing eating disorder prevention policy amidst Covid 19

Hannah Kate Lewis