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Eva Musby

Eva Musby speaks from personal experience with her daughter (anorexia age 10 and again age 15), from the experience of supporting many parents, and also from ongoing research to keep her resources up to date. Communication – her topic in this conference – is an area she’s studied in depth. Good communication is the same all over, and her main framework comes from Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

Eva’s experience is with parents of children and teens with anorexia, but she has all ages and types of eating disorder in mind when she talks about communication.

Eva Musby’s book for parents 'Anorexia and other eating disorders - how to help your child eat well and be well' is widely used in the NHS adolescent services. Equally in demand is 'Bitesize', a vast, searchable collection of short audios. And to complement those: online workshops, a website packed with resources (, and YouTube videos. Compassionate communication runs through all her of her materials.